Classes at Turning Earth

Turning Earth  classes are available if you would like some structured guidance (although we do encourage anyone that has undertaken a beginners class to try their hand at membership).

Courses are 12 weeks long.

Courses are taught by professional ceramic artists Ben Sutton, Andrea Roman, Nick Aplin, Bisila Noha

What happens in a beginners class?

Beginners who come to a Turning Earth class will be walked through each stage of the process of making their first pieces. For example, if you want to learn to throw on the wheel, first you’ll be given a lesson in preparing and centering your clay. Then you’ll progress to opening and shaping it. After the work dries a little, you’ll learn how to turn and finish the bottom of your piece. You’ll then bisque-fire your work, and learn a bit about the firing process. In your next lesson, we’ll teach you about glazing, and after the next firing you’ll have a piece to take home!